Brainstorm Private Consulting provides comprehensive consulting services to our clients. The company specializes in data mining and knowledge discovery, anomaly detection and classification, behavior and trend analysis, information, cyber and cloud security and intelligence. Our professional consultants have years of experience and knowledge in these domains to provide the best targeted solutions for your needs.

Data mining and knowledge discovery

Automatic identification of patterns in large, complex and high-dimensional databases and datasets. These patterns represent potentially valuable and previously unknown knowledge hidden in the data. Data mining is applicable in every domain that involves processing of data, such as network and cyber security, performance analysis, financial and medical applications.

Anomaly detection and classification

Identification and classification of anomalies and outliers in high-dimensional data. The detected events are often translated to critical and actionable information in several application domains. Anomaly detection is applicable in a variety of domains, such as intrusion detection, fraud detection, fault detection, system health monitoring, event detection in sensor networks and financial applications.

Trend and behavior analysis

Automatic identification of trends in information to predict future events. Application of techniques for extracting an underlying pattern of behaviour in a time series which would otherwise be partly or nearly completely hidden by noise. Trend analysis is applicable in a variety of domains, such as social networks, finance markets and consumer behavior.

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