Data mining

Data mining and knowledge discovery
Data mining is the automatic identification of patterns in large databases. These patterns represent potentially valuable and previously unknown knowledge hidden in the data.
For example, in Cyber security, data mining is used to detect extremely sophisticated attacks against industrial, governmental and military organizations.

Overview of data mining
In recent years, world-wide interest in Data Mining has soared. Organizations store vast amounts of information about their products, customers and many other areas of their business. The idea that these huge databases can be mined for interesting patterns has appealed to a wide range of organizations.
Typical knowledge discovery projects may investigate customer behaviour, plan direct marketing, detect fraudulent activity, identify machine faults and many other objectives. Data mining techniques used to automatically identify such patterns are drawn from a number of scientific disciplines, including statistics and machine learning.
Scientists and reseraches in Brainstorm Private Consulting have been specializing in the development of effective data mining techniques for over 15 years and have applied these in many application areas, mainly through commercially funded R&D projects managed through Brainstorm Private Consulting.

How Businesses can benefit from Data Mining
Businesses in all sectors can benefit from data mining. Data collected and stored in databases, including data archived in data warehouses, is data representing some real world process or processes. Patterns of behaviour which exist in the real world process will be captured with the data collected. The application of the appropriate techniques to identify and represent these patterns can lead to new knowledge about the data and hence the real world process.
Application areas include Medical/Health (analysis of medical profiles and clinical treatment, analysis of psychological questionnaire), Financial (Claim histories, Prediction of trends in Stock markets, Portfolio analysis, Customer segmentation, Credit card fraud, Risk assessment), Industrial (Process control, Predictive Maintenance), Networks, Cyber security & Telecommunications (Mobile phone fraud, Intrusion detection through network flow data analysis, detection of Web servers attacks, detection of Trojans and malware, Mining on-line communities), Performance (performance analysis and fault detection), Intelligence (detecion of terror profiles and events, analysis of hyper-spectral images) and many other sectors.

Case studies
Please refer to the Solutions page for Case Studies describing applications of various data mining techniques with client data. Please refer to the Training page for our professional Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery training.

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