Network Programming with Python

This is the third (out of five) session in the Networking and Cyber Security course. In this session we will learn the basics of Python programming language. We will also cover client/server programming and applications and Python's networking modules. We will obtain basic and advanced skills in using Scapy module for interactive packet generation and manipulation. We will use many examples and demos. There is no need for extensive knowledge in programming in general and prior experience with Python is not necessary.

After you complete this course you will be able to write basic programs in Python. You will be able to develop client/server applications and use Python's networking modules. You will be able to write your own packet generation and manipulation tools using Scapy.

2 days


Python programming language
GUI and external IDEs
Running Python
Survey of interesting modules

Python basic programming
Syntax and guidelines
Data types
File I/O
Control flow
Examples and demos

Python client/serve programming
Client/server concept
Client/server libraries
Socket programming
Synchronous TCP and UDP SocketServer
Asynchronous TCP and UDP SocketServer
Examples and demos

Network client libraries
e-mailing with smtp, pop and imap
File transfer with FTP
Remote access with telnet
Examples and demos

HTTP libraries
HTTP client libraries
HTTP server libraries
HTTP Web server
Examples and demos

Packet generation and manipulation with Scapy
Overview and features
Packet designing
Scapy API
Generating, sending and receiving packets
IP and port scanning
Spoofing, poisoning, leaking and pen testing
Examples and demos

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