Introduction to TCP/IP

In this course we will explore the history of TCP/IP protocol, the TCP/IP architecture, Internet support groups, the OSI reference model, IP addressing, and IP protocol.

After you complete this course you will be able to identify the components of the TCP/IP model and the OSI model, recognize how the Internet is supported, how allocation of IP address for private networks is structured, and identify components of the IP protocol.

1 day


Introduction to TCP/IP
History of TCP/IP
TCP/IP Architecture
Supporting the Internet
OSI Reference Model

The TCP/IP Model vs. the OSI Model
OSI Model Versus the TCP/IP Model
The OSI and TCP/IP Layers

IP Addressing
Fundamentals of IP Addresses
Allocation of IP Address for Private Networks
ARP, RARP, and Proxy ARP
DNS and Domain Structure

IP Protocol, UDP and TCP
The IP Protocol
How TCP Handles Connections
Ports and Sockets
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