Intelligence applications

The analysis of intelligence data is usually not a simple task. The challanges are significant and require highly skilled researchers. Intelligence data is usually high-dimensional and its sources are heterogenous. For example, a blend of cell phones activity, Internet activity and hyperspectral images. Intelligent pre-processing of the data, that includes fusion of the different sources and feature extraction is crucial.
Brainstorm Private Consulting has a range of offerings in intelligence data analysis. In addition, we provide skills in data mining and knowledge discovery, anomaly detection and classification to identify important events that can indicate, for example, about terror activity and predict, for example, terror events .
We can provide a deep intelligence data analysis capability blending a range of innovative techniques and tools to provide high quality intelligence led solution.

Detection of terror cells
Intelligence organizations collect huge amounts of data from different sources. Theoretically, the endless amount of data can provide all they need in order to draw intelligent conclusion, but practically, the processing and mining of the data is an art that requires very high skills and years of experience in data mining and knowledge discovery.
In this case study, we will survey the solutions that we provided to one of our intelligence clients, to classify car traffic activity and identify anomalous events that can provide indication regarding terror activity.

Detection of targets in hyperspectral images
Hyperspectral imaging collects and processes information from across the electromagnetic spectrum. Much as the human eye sees visible light in three bands (red, green, and blue), spectral imaging divides the spectrum into many more bands. This technique of dividing images into bands can be extended beyond the visible.
Hyperspectral sensors look at objects using a vast portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Certain objects leave unique fingerprints across the electromagnetic spectrum. These fingerprints are known as spectral signatures and enable identification of the materials that make up a scanned object.
In this case study, we will survey the solutions that we provided to one of our intelligence clients, to process hyperspectral images and detect unique fingerprints of very small targets for hyperspectral surveillance.

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