Networking and Cyber security

The challenges of the Internet and the Cyber space are considerable and the skilled hacker or criminal can be very effective in overcoming and defeating security systems, especially with insider knowledge. Protecting organizations from the increasing array of threats requires a range of expertise and advanced security techniques.
Brainstorm Private Consulting has a range of offerings in Cyber security, offensive and defensive security technique and network health monitoring. In addition, we provide skills in data mining and knowledge discovery, anomaly detection and classification to identify threats and previously hidden attack vectors as well as mine for evidence of both on-going and historical security breaches.
We can provide a deep security analysis capability blending a range of innovative techniques and tools to provide high quality intelligence led solution.
Following are three examples of our projects in the networking and cyber security domains.

Trojans and malware detection
A critical problem for many organizations is having appropriate visibility of their network to spot unwanted activity. The types of activity which are threatening depend on the organization and the value of the assets it holds or accesses. Commonly activities such unauthorised access to services, internal spying by employees, leakage of confidential data, abusing services by tampering and the accidental or intentional use of malicious software like Trojans and worms are all causes for concern.
In this case study, we will survey the solutions that we provided to one of our governmental clients, to detect highly sophisticated and unknown Trojans that were stealing confidential information from the organization.

Web servers attacks
Web servers are the front end of many organizations. They provide an interface and a platform for communicating with current and potential clients. E-commerce companies use web servers as virtual stores and governmental organizations use them for e-payments. Since a web server is basically a collection of software that is running on a virtual or dedicated host, it has, like any other software, vulnerabilities and exploits. Therefore, web servers are targets for most of the attacks against organizations from all sectors.
In this case study, we will survey the solutions that we provided to one of our industrial clients, to detect zero-days attacks against its web servers.

Performance analysis and fault detection
Every modern organization uses computers and networks for its daily activities. The Internet is not just a source for information but it's the gate for proper activities of companies. The availability of these resources (computers, networks, servers, Internet) is critical and their performance is crucial. .
In this case study, we will survey the solutions that we provided to one of our industrial clients, to identify anomalous processes and applications in the system.

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