Psychological questionnaire analysis

Use case description
A mental medical center is using psychological questionnaires to evaluate its patients. Each questionnaire consists of hundreds of yes/no questions. For example, do you like flowers? are you afraid from the dark? do you think about death? The filled questionnaires are processed manually by experienced psychologists and the patients are diagnosed and classified accordingly.
Our challange was to detect patterns in the high-dimensional questionnaires, identify the features that contribute to the anomalous behavior and provide a diagnosis and classification technology for the psychologists.

Our analysis
We used our data mining, anomaly detection and differential diagnosis technologies to provide accurate patient diagnosis based on its high-dimensional mental profile that is extracted from its psychological questionnaire.
Our automated diagnosis was compared to the manual diagnosis that is performed by the experienced psychologists and was found highly accurate.

Conclusions and our solution
We developed a system that is the equivalent of an intelligent psychological questionnaire evaluator. It was found as accurate as an experienced psychologist and it is used as a second opinion system for psychologists that prevent mis-detections of psychological conditions and illness.
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